Episode 110- Juan Sebastien Ospina “Seb” and Piecing it all Together


Sebastien Ospina “Seb” has been chasing all things paragliding for years now. Seb works the tandem scene in Interlaken year round; has been chasing the world record in the Sertau in Brazil the past few years; is a regular on the podium at very high level competitions; is frequently at the top of the XContest every year; and has been an XC instructor with Pal Takats and Mike and Stu Belbas with Verbier Summits. Seb is from Armenia, Colombia and his story from being fascinated with the sky as a little boy to becoming one of the worlds great pilots is a fantastic story in itself and in this podcast we dive into the tactics and secrets he’s developed with the help of Thomas Theurillat (ONEDAY coaching, and Chrigel’s coach and supporter for many of his X-Alps campaigns) to play a better game, and how we bounce back from the times it doesn’t work. Seb has a terrific attitude about flying and he’s always the guy who’s wearing the biggest smile: his thrill and passion for the sport is infectious and inspiring. Enjoy!

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Show Notes:

  • Seb discusses ONEDAY coaching with Thomas Theurillat and how it is affecting his flying
  • Preparing the mind for flying and tools to improve
  • The importance of journaling and mindfulness
  • The right headspace for success
  • Mantras and tips for flying well
  • Being “zen” and cool when you’re flying. Try to be cool!
  • Breath
  • Fly the shit out of your glider before you move up!
  • Stuff the lower hour pilots really need to practice- ground handling, pitch control, observation
  • The breakthrough- flying Brazil
  • How to be consistent in comps
  • Is flying tandems commercially good for your personal flying?
  • Getting into comps
  • Top landing Mont Blanc
  • Chasing it in Brazil- tips for flying in the wind and for flying long days
  • Sink in the flats

Mentioned in this episode:

Blue Fly Vario, Dave Hanning, Stian Volstad, Mike and Stu Belbas, Verbier Summits, Viv Fouracre, Livia Gilstrap, Anze Priztov, Ben Netterfield, Yann Gallin, Andy Read, Wendy Pepper, Miguel Gutierrez, Bowen Dwelle, Alas Del Hombre, British Paragliding, Guy Anderson, Chris Bevins, ONEDAY coaching, Thomas Theurillat, Charles Cazaux, Patrick Von Kanel, Yael Margelisch, XContest, Chrigel Maurer, Alistair Dickie, Maxime Bellemin, Hugh Miller, Cross Country Paragliding, Russ Ogden, Adel Honti, Nick Neynens, Mitch Riley, Bruce Goldsmith, Jeff Shapiro, Will Gadd, Josh Cohn, Ozone, Mark Watts, Red Bull X-Alps, Rafael Saladini, Samuel Nascimento, Marcelo Prieto, FlyWithAndy, Ken Hudonjorgensen, Red Rocks Flyin

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Episode 110- Juan Sebastien Ospina Seb and Piecing it all Together

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listening okay let me tell you that guy i loved then hi there buddy welcome to another episode of the cloud base may am i apologize again that we are still running a little bit late i got kinda on a behind there in mexico working on the episode with jeff shapiro in we'll get hope you enjoyed that one one of the more important shows we put out there but i just got back from colombia tried to put together a couple of live ones when i was down there we had a couple of days a pretty bad weather but that also did not come back together but just got off the phone with sad spena an old friend of mine who's been crushing he's from armenia down in columbia got started when he was fourteen as been crushing it on cops he won on the open end the british last year and use a second second both in both are seeing i think he won the open this year in the second this last week and the british show open is very much the same speed scream faster i think sometimes certain was than the argentina CWC this year there is a lot of talent to go down to this thing a a lot of big names and he's been doing really well but he also does the whole ten and thing interlocken seasonally and and he's been chasing the big distance lights down sir town brazil so we had a lot talked about it on a lot of topics karen joy at he's a real bright light in our sport boys loved savvy and and i met him when he was guiding out for the boys mike do bellis out in burbank great great friends of mine who real instructive also for me when i was getting into flying that's kind of we're both seven i cut our teeth was there in berga you're gonna enjoy that before we get to the show i also promised several weeks ago that those of you who were aggressive about sharing sharing the shows would be rewarded and so i've just drawn i couldn't i can't reward everybody for this because i don't have enough stuff to give away but i just drew a bunch of names out of a hat not for those of you who've been sharing last few shows the booth live barrios i've got two of those thanks for sending me those onset time ago all these things are awesome great little audio of various put on shoulder and da grill low-maintenance great little too but those go to my buddy dave handing out in tennessee and my buddy stein ball's dad from norway he's been a fan in the show from the very beginning he always shares it and just wouldn't be right to not given one of these various so thank him in here you go and those for those patagonia friends and family cars and this is forty percent off anything patagonia's cells with some some exceptions enduring sales and stuff like wetsuits aren't in in that but most things are those go to a whole bunch of those so i'm giving a bunch of those way and i'll contact you all know you don't need to but i just wanna put it out there that these people i really do appreciate it nice and i said i couldn't get everybody that shared but these are gonna go to four acre vivier vivier gill strap UN gallon bowen dwell then netter field andy reid and i don't know how to say this i'm sorry but andrzej christoph saying in at close to correctly but thank you all will do more of these in the future august more of these cards from from patagonia and spread love a little bit from them and but thank you i really we do appreciate it and it goes a long ways when you spread these shows just gets more people listening which i think is good thanks good for our community so thanks very much it let's get into it this is coming off maybe the worst couple of weeks erasing i've ever had got a lot going on right now my boat life my other life and i think that stress was certainly clayton role but who knows but i certainly did not have on down to america and down at the british no thing i just wanted to say about the british open this is the first comp that i have been involved in that was they were doing carbon credits to make it carbon neutral which is amazing amazing imagine a hundred and thirty pilots flying in from all over the world and then take these gas guzzling buses up to launch every day it's always been something that has driven me crazy about fair lighting lighting name but also just flying in general is dina are carmen in fact as a community on earth is massive let me go to these cops and the british of taken it on themselves to make that part of their deal and i just hope that they that other comp organizers there's around the world would be really encouraged like i was really encouraged to see at the monarch mexico this year miguel gutierrez they are not allowing any plastic they're not doing any water bottom up at the start you gotta bring your own container their spine water but in that's what they were going at the british down in columbia as well so i thought that was really cool to be able to don t to offset that whole massive carbon load there with the with with these cops and really doesn't end up being tonics cost but when they learned that when they put on the pilots to do it doesn't happen so they're just making that part of your fees little bit of your fees are going towards offsetting setting the travel down to to go to these cops so i'll sinks in with other complement other organizers everywhere that's very cool thing that they're doing but thank you guys known on that those tons of fine awesome be flying in the sky with lots of colored wings and all over france knows terrific few weeks and good tripped taking those scores didn't add up but they certainly did and i tried to clive from him as much as i could how he's doing it so here we go enjoy this talk yeah not really bombed i couldn't do this with you personally which is just ridiculous considering i had a couple of rain days down there i should have made it happen days ago still in columbia but you're still there so half of us is right and and i'm i'm back here in my very cold sound room in sun valley but happy to be able to do this anyway i've been wanting to actually connect with you on a podcast gas for a long time you i share actually quite a bit of background together with the whole verbiage connection which is kind of fun but dude congratulations on another are excellent showing ronaldo seems to be while you're crushing all over the world but rollo seems to be you've got that place lined up man hey he got in thanks for the invitation and the absolute pleasure to be on your show total honor i'm glad we got got to make it yeah this'll be this'll be a blast of wanted to kinda ask you about you and i had pretty much opposite race this time around last year down there coming on off the tails of monarch and monarch went okay in a row went great i had a really good race raced down there you want it right you want it last year you were i want the nationals and then the british was their often women the ad that was dallas fantastic and you or second couple days ago correct why that right before the awards dude dude that's his i also eat people need to understand that the british open is very much PW see or even beyond level well hey i just came back my last ABC was down in argentina and the the level of pilots in the speed is is certainly world cup at the british there's just a lot of talent there so congratulations i wanna talk about kind of how you piece together these these puzzles and we'll talk a little bit about your history but let's start with just this race what what kind of head space do you try to get in before it starts you know you had the open right before it were given about that or y'all kinda warmed up or what are you what are you trying to kind of think about those going into the first day well oh god doesn't good question actually i am initially my thought was soup company forget about the events on a happened they did some coaching on my name i spend time with family i went to the beach and i went skied searching i just try not to think much about these events things maybe there was a nubia fresher hobby one berman's last year i'm i'm being the you know the local whatever the local win so i tried to nothing much about it on the day of the game tribes insourcing same my brassfield cross country drink soya tried to keep it cool on the end of the day what i decided to think kazan is i don't need to prove anyone anything less possible might my wife's chenoweth we know that and she she tries to help with the head space what does she do well shoes should just move to interacting nothing with working at a hotel before that she was she has sent a master in business administration was working on a university cheering columbia are making a working switzerland but what does she do to help you with your head space out of she help you prepare as she osman let's say particularly my ego you not like old ballots have big egos onto on that in went went on she she says me kinda guy enough strategy she tries to remember to remind you that on on a word we're just so we just let's talk about how long training you know just discussing the transfrom soto fire how about some awareness do might be happening inside inside my head's charleston's pretty good one of the things i you know made me feel a little bit better is as i like i said i i had the opposite week i just i literally couldn't do anything right this week it was really bizarre funky place for me to be so it was kind of bizarre you're what was happening in my head but help me to last day when guy bombed out and he's he's pretty you know he he he's he's very good being consistent and his comment was cod just paragliding that's the game if you had if if you had a comprehensive just blown it you mean blowing the right at the end just just like just the communist didn't go out his was they would click on what happened oh yeah yeah bradley had zero button there must be some emory was were choppy portugal last here yeah the first day i was raining fly how i should have been drying on i started pushing her from the very being in abeyance i is basically i was all over the place on ended up landing in place but not where i should be landing which is go on the second day actually food blow com he's he's only until they come yeah sure what we're getting into this earlier than i planned but i know you've been working as a lot of other really top pilots are patrick von callan kriegel and charles guzzo oh you've been working with one day coaching with thomas in i guess his team right it's not just him many him a big demon of several coaches on song modano marna carbon shy on on thomasson who marsha zoli experience with day especially initially drill and now we charge shows a bunch of other top athletes from other events such as getting on straying song on his who kind of has older experience with the athletes and is that it is it pretty much one hundred percent psychology or take me through what you're what he he learned from thomas and what you know how long you been doing what are you what are you learn how has it affected your performance a well it's all about the league is not only psychology name he also kind of put things in perspective on this you've seen the little things anthony also the goals that you may have until small changes or even big changes that you can make a due to get those those what's happening with my bodo so perhaps other technical things which jay i can do to improve my results or help me get the michaels oldie expedience in brooklyn asian with regal heritage i think he can translate that into a normal competition flying training or whatever on also the good things he doesn't have a standardized way of foraging is my sunny johny just change what molest named on what your goals are and who you are anything thank you from another at it from lance or ways of shopping thanks mom will give you on trombone the my minute for for you and can you give me any specifics i'm just thinking about the folks listening i'm one of them for sure if i could i if i didn't have access to thomas would be some of the kinda tips and strategies that you've learned learned from him that we could pass on as it are going to him and go and listen i i you know i think i'm glad pretty well i could be better climber or or is it more her gosh i day three very calm i start getting nervous and anxious i need to learn how to relax it what what kind of stuff do you take to him and what would be he has a perhaps sir will ask you how ready are you for the next cross country tracing records three brown notre okay i'm ready these days sundays way he will say okay what percentage are you you ready are you ready ninety percent ready i will try i'm ninety five percent ready thank you what do you need to do to and that one hundred percent and then you start thinking and is probably not ninety five percent ready i'm probably be LS maybe just impression ready and then you realize there is a whole lot of stuff to do but you still need to prepare on a normally just ride to down also something that he he bucks you're not like you on you have to be writing down what have you done wrong what when ride on wide i do too like a notebook and you ride down all of these things even if you look at it back active i think he has summer shade shown a little bit of that maxine talks a lot about that in his his book maxine bellman talks about the importance of journaling you know just having a having a little notebook in your flight deck so when you land that kicking your helmet summit getting all pissed off you just take a few moments and write it all down in my like you said actually he said the same thing you don't need to actually go back to it it's just a matter of kind of cataloging you know what you've done right while you've done wrong kind of developing that growth mindset to to get better absolutely i think also another important i guess you've already talked about the concept of where the monkeys two on how mindfulness dot com stream installment show song like saying to did you about that concept of mindfulness controlling the bloody monkey is that are are you doing that through meditation or some other way i kind of talked to myself i know i am i sometimes get my head space up i fired fired it up using a little bit but also i just talk to myself on i try just to john are like if i'm angry at myself up to the twenty nine rewired island i'm being the art drivers army i try to be aware and controlling dinner went went flying many aware when my monkeys sometimes leaning get out to play combines in it's still the case what what general mindset are you looking for going into comp in i've heard all kinds of things you know some some pilots really like going in kind of hung over and being kind of tired tired because they're not so wound up you know other other pilots you know mostly what i hear is almost the best thing is just to be relaxed relaxed just to be calm and relaxed and you know but i still see i come from a background of really short short duration high intensity sports like the opposite of the alps ski resort where you know my recipe back when i was ski racing was blake metallica i wanted to get his ramped up as i possibly could i did not want to be calm i wanted to be like i could just reach out and crush crush somebody and because it was downhill i was going to be scanned at seventy five miles an hour taken huge air and i just needed to be you know i i don't know like like a metal head is that's where i needed to be banal i i actually don't know you know like a lot of my my my bigger bigger sprites have always been when i'm really you know either tire really calm but racing i haven't really figured out you know like i can't identify defy what was different about last year at the brits and this year i just disappeared in work last year did but i haven't really figured that out it doesn't matter interesting question again after docking to say why one of the things we did we wrote down in my in my copy mcconnell well i dunno if you will in my mind trial my chiery descends on and i have what what does you be thinking about the transfer holly safety have takeover fun make sure the john also ideally making good decisions palikir mind to make the decision also many bolt onto the for me the the mayes setting which i wanna be be send is in coach like yield our something like are wannabees send be cooling in in in in these situations even for competitions all races in the world that pretty chill on the i mean someone like russell he's pretty chill guy scrunches united in the raises does liking brady any longer in the united states to three hour raise if y'all w bradley gets gonna get tired pretty soon and i think you're a lot more you're much better observation when you're really calm through your just to try out a few minor because hardee's artsy hardly i mean these things you have done but i mean i don't know i'm i'm not always school but that's what i into due to be these mantras you have on your cockpit you also have stuff that you just kind of generally repeat in your mind i'm nick nations i think adele quite a few people have been on the show actually had had had some really good ones that they use when things are real stressful addressable but i don't often find conflict very stressful i i find it more it's better to just you know my mantras are on the lines of like you know just breathe you know just look around relax inn especially if i get dropped you know then it's you know mitch riley said you yeah the best thing when you're behind you the worst thing you can do is just keep piling on the mistakes that's more like if you start if you start trying the fly differently because you've gotten dropped you're just gonna hit the dirt right you know you have to you have to eat just play do what you do best yes awesome anything in particular that the mizo inflation as you say try to remember somebody can breathe genie's pretty easy to to be out of breath and the minus oxygen just bring it in tried to bring so being always before bakos everyone gets agency hurry gyn up on one thing i tried to do his braids really the on demand all the janina lena my cell don so yeah let's switch gears a little bit the when i when you and i met initially your guidance for the boys might still bill in verbier and i know that i don't even know if you were in the cops yet then i think you were but what you know that was quite a while back now you've been at this game for a long time now in your your kind of you're flying your round you're doing the tandem thing real intensely out and interlocken you know you've been chasing the big distance down in brazil and the last few seasons you're doing as much as you again obviously what advice would you like to pass on to the pilots just getting into comps you know and not stuff like even the british you know but the open in the weightless the lower level staff would you like to pass onto them some of the things that you you learn to help you get to where you are now as when wanting to listen schneider auto declined so you got flabby flight shit out of until you're making a list under canes on benue onto onto the on unique to really a fly out of your glider before you move onto something else and for you for me we made a mistake or moving pretty quick i've flu quite the love my glider uh-huh three hundred dollars on it but then i moved up into a these straightaway thirty hours senate and then i moved onto a dry and then my shine when when bucks lights i dunno is maybe a year or two and when i managed to get the hang on in of the of the level of complexes results so i just don don russians may make sure the best in your class before you're actioning the movie yeah jeff the last show we just put alec jeff in will he he talks we talked about that quite a bit you know that the i think when people get into cops and you know you just see the performance of the of the CCC gliders you know obviously that can be pretty discouraging thing but what what you just said is so true that you know the gliders not gonna make you a better pilot the hours that are gonna make you a better pilot silence and you know just jumping on that better glider isn't gonna isn't gonna bring the results you still have to get really good we just you know the minorca this year it was it's always so eye opening to fly with josh gone because last year fluid on the omega and got second and then this year he flew on zee ouch and got i think he got second or third on dislike just can't drop the guy at the end and he flies so ol- little you know he's he flies that calm maybe one another one in a year and doesn't get many hours anymore but he's been at it so long and like you said he he has fallen the shit out of every glider for for decades and edo so he can just show up in gresh and it's very inspiring but i think it's also it's a great lesson for all all the pilots out there that are like i got to get a better glider now you don't you need to you need to be rat on the gladder you got does the best lesson i think name me when i got my first glider was airway afraid of ocean byron that thing was your point was was it finally don't sign storm yeah someone like josh tolls ryan listen he's is there to prove the point yeah totally is the pilot you doing some guidance coming up up with pal packets tell me about that what's you know what what kind of level or you guiding and how these things work than not i'm just curious chris how you and powell take on the subject of teaching started running a boss idea yeah you not he moved in columbia he's spending half of the year in colombia males i spent some months here so she had the idea to start reading our pilots from your for doing skills the way we have to push him we wanna push them to make their personal best to is is not only a holiday but you're aw way we wanna make them better exchange violets so of course i'll has a much knowledge about safety on press country that table are happy to come and we worked more or less innovation tree tree pilots instructor which is a good regime normally maple if you already know how to take off and land okay we were using within two weeks on the bruce much we had a guy last year who had had known to fly a year before he was already dying six and five days on a on a may glider with us so as just a rewarding to sink like the one who does lead to take a few months and already crushing within in in their budget kyw's foco show we had other people destiny of everyone ak much better pilot so the looking to do that again this year hopefully the weather helps yeah working with pilots those those are interesting because we also learned things from each other when we are giving these stall we also learned that little traits that you're not we had so that's also quaco what glider will will you each fly when you're doing that kind of guiding well we we try as much as we can also you the same so our game pile has with maximum my mind intriguing enough to fly cross engineered by the couch con to keep up with them with applies to take someone else so that they see you're you've also when you're vocalizing that when you're in a shame whether you're thinking about the day but it kind of helps you understand yourself and be better as well so yeah on for when they go on then then we use a b.'s united's is better belly's performances the best because we have to come down the log on spiral or on the orient doing or whatever her name to practice mackerel coming down cloud base noche alerts clients that's great i if there's three things that you see over and over again that you know in in this in this kind of group of pilots that you're teaching so lower our pilots folks they're pushing for their first fifty eight hundred k kind of thing what are the what are the three things that you pal tend to bring up the motion terms of here's what you gotta learn a good question i mean me normally is one thing we we we all knew me when they started thermal of aluminum strain of you know making are donald meek why the one thing that we have to meet in the radio we're not gonna gonna what else pitch control social subaru gordon annette something that people can practice are like on in along with the wind and ocean to alert don henley just simply because that's a way to influence army ways to make your day better when you're landings annalisa your just just just to be able to fly unsafe for you know so we we wanted to do that a lot actually under what else would be that started one we we try to teach them where we are fine line of ceratinly said very gordon you know that's fine mainly because while we aubrey off to people in different animals going up higher in genus stronger than the other on the other one is it's not even we we have to keep on banning them i'll share looks what's going on around you when when someone is climbing better than you don't be afraid to go and join in our ben inflict together and to observe liking invited we have many insights around around you can use them for competitions to show you this a that goes a long way of several birds for maybe you're close to terrain UC davis striking or whatever so observation is a big bottle of this kind of probation bail fan the the mind is clouded you know keeping the line open on so he's succumbs we without says is there been any like breakthroughs in your when you look back the last ten years and look at comps was there something you could kinda throw a dart at go yet that was the thing that allowed me to consistently break the top ten yes interesting question well traceable unfortunately inquiry super final but one thing that i think m shrine perhaps he's the reason why i i did well last year ninety year same summer stein trying just onto brazil over because let's say carmo or something you know you go there when you're flying your friend and then used for a long time in the car and then you fly again but perhaps the hours are sowing bends benz on your on not once a month three times four times a week gano he comes into your subconscious somehow denies appropriate training like weather boys do we perhaps is what i've been seeing across country sorry you're looking to maybe when michael when he wanted some final you here in columbia just spend a couple of weeks three weeks in brazil chasing records so you know when when on august one here in columbia world championships he also spent some time inc.

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before that so so perhaps you like i did feel after the season around way more confidence diabeno in maybe honda on the seal cool i'm still van it goes on to deal with all of that not once not drive by maybe fifty times he they're doing slate thermal finding finding the core you've done it united single try out in the army times do you have to do it fifty or whatever so i think one of the breakthrough realizing better than all these hours hours somehow translating competition flyer i'm curious take any of the days that we had this last week how does your mind how does your mental approach change as the day goes on so let's call it a hundred k.

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task or maybe like the task down pita change those eight hundred thirty do are there are there different are there times times when you're different or are you trying to stay level headed the same all the way through i mean including the final break i wish i had a a level head on that all the way through because initially pilot again the kinda gop on us on a dot going was very clear with me i tried to level than on demand undo night call him up like after a case or whatever USO soave is then token tried to fly as in with him but i think our mayes wind kind of weird is like was somehow by the decision making we wanted to fly team but we can't can't we couldn't kind of coordinate distraction on those are having been searching goggle tracing nuts gudang some british on us some dot going we we we our decisions where cloudy on yeah we we we levine on their on their final hussein that'll headed only time and and just using logic mind marching card instead on that day maybe by tonight will orange day or something yeah because i i often what gets me a lot is often the first day and then late eight on in race where i'm doing well and i get too excited for both those the first day i get too excited i'm so excited i'm in in the air and i'm doing well and it's fun and like oh man with league as great great scranton i just are pushing too hard and in the ideal and i've done a lot so in journal the battleaxe the day but the end and the other one is like as good as the days closing and it's like okay twenty k eighteen k sixteen a a and i just get so excited you know just the level headed goes right out the door and so yeah maybe maybe not really that day because a lot of listeners weren't down there in colombia have no idea we're talking about but just do you have a do you kind of have a recipe for are sticking with a here's my here's my do you have do you like when you take off as i okay this is my game plan on an the idea they wanna make very few than the decisions i make because i know i'm going for sure columbia flying down the rich i know pretty well so i know in to die when bush went slowdown ride budding ideally unknown plays a winner us not so much my knowledge but just kind of other people's knowledge until maybe twenty ks outs outs and that's when agent somehow button it's it's hard because every everyone else needs to create we do right but a horny suns fan on the left side of the bridge on the way where you would normally heads but DNC clouds some that were promising a nicer cloud that was looking promising but out of where normally people go panda's where the climate was so i tried to get creative right at the end but you know that can come back and bite you like you need undersize nature me but he mentally i wanna stay current cool they held in because in the buzz i've had many moments when i thought i never wanna toss at on five years ago when i came close to winning that will get so excited you might my heart star on being on me relate yes i'm gonna nail these one time was about i will the win the super final an idea the oldest crushing moments that made me realize okay i have down on finals on just maybe maybe a win at the time we fail books when the stay cool when i'm oh final even even if everything is looking for sure so if i'm on final and glide wall to wire i i still i'm still enough celebrating earlier we're getting excited i'm just not in my glider by leading-edge a making sure doesn't close many tried to and then i saved celebration for the end after i make your main job the year magin this what provides the most year funding you're doing the tandem thing interlocken college is no joke that's a you know you guys are doing a ton of every day and it's very hard work but before we started recording i asked asked that and you're like oh man i love it it's great do you think it's it's i've heard a lot of people say that they don't think flying tans good for their own personal flying how do you feel about wadad beckham sue each individual yet in my mind i say what find us from fly my mind so you know when i do united like every job maybe become a little bit dull after doing doing it several times but i'm still craving trying my insofar cast things right after that i get i do have frame maybe some colleagues that's i don't wanna see other lighter season so i don't know how that would feel but try not to do it i mean the unim- saying very attractive when you have a lot of customers coming to and you save up a lot of money on your holidays in winter on but also saw CPR over him he's also not so healthy so right energy neely i have a week off to to to do competitions or something going on my first down himself i remember i was getting pretty fed up with that was simply because i was working i wanted it towards the end even though many comes that you look at the end the division when dr by nissan so i realized that i have slowdown within an existing mortgage and also take some time to enjoy the beauty beauty of flying flying with my wife or you know something that doesn't involve money for sure but for me i saved by and with or without standards so you're you're down in armenia now which is about an hour from world l.

00:46:12 - 00:52:31

rewind the clock way back how did you get in all of this what was the catalyst how'd you start flying did you start flying there and then and how did have gone from there to be in you know chasing records around the world in comps in tan of thing in switzerland the is i started to fly when i was fourteen on other time i didn't have any other hobbies our not sporty boy anything i really really liked my mother when she showed that i sort of like putting colletti she went arleen doing which is kinda scary for a mother to succeed in fourteen year old child going into buckeye check on the yes are due to fly right here with a glider without airway jives which was from the euro ninety two parachute yeah yeah interesting but i i got the shit out investigator on by reading a load of fame chassis so on the other that i shoot again to really like it whenever i khuda woods even in indisputable bids were i knew that year from arson the following year every weekend we flying will be naming off my my my lunch money to go flying on then on the third year i started going bitten the local lakes adam musset glenn hi there how the nocco elena later on which was twenty nine square meters on i use the way sixty five back then so it was a huge for me i was lucky that that year was really weak in all the competitions a week's manage to being the ending the overall competitions just because i will be like balloon they go on for around me and i was on my little balloon on measure spoon out climbing there are are so so yeah i had to move onto the UK study english and do my university hands are be tough because the end get to fly with fine which was because of that and some other things was darkness nine months of my life your dad british my said he's colombian british okay talk thanks to him i do compliance with phenomenal that okay yeah i you can really encouragement to go fly comment or me what a great mentor he's i used to barrio even competitions are i was really kind of against it was mark who basically handed the area and he told me nayar giving your indies banishment by you should have a fly with areas of thanks barrios areas are finding that you came right interesting idea in too many hours that's why i moved to switzerland door with voiced waist deal yeah then i go to try francia when i go through the night i don't remember how trained streams snow school the senate to beautiful place and it's kinda protected now we we will kind of cut our teeth they're absolutely face i learned so much over there cool and then i remember like the last i think it was the twenty fifteen fifteen x alps which brought me right through you know so after the race i came through and i might have the year off by a year so you're but i i remember what one of the times i saw you you're really excited because you just got swiss sign off with the the tandems in you're gone out to interlocken yeah so is this kind of since he license arm ideology geography war with boys but then i go for the intellect by friends and i couldn't say no you know how these inserm sir seemed so also the opportunity to iran so many pilots will in there ars like hall of champions i wanted to be there i wanted to learn from them i'm learning from him um so yeah that is good are you able when you take these week breaks in summer when you're doing when you're in the full on tandem hannam season do you often jump in the car and go ito just go rap out some big exc- flight somewhere in the alps or is that just downtime nine go kite surfing do something else incomes are the weather and i mean mecom started calm i go i go there no matter what if i see a good day coming up see nighttime reinisch together day off a witch i see i only managed to get the in the season on the partial comes days wind wasn't when we dug landed the montblanc and then we took coffee to them out there on the other one yeah there was a sixty k.

00:52:31 - 00:54:02

triangle which way the need for the really managing dead the days is not so much rainy windy weather would be allowing kite surfing association we keep doing surtout thing zek yearly 'cause you you've been down there the last three years avenue i skipped two thousands extend netscape skipped thousand seventeen eighteen nineteen i did it again dry my best to do this year perhaps try determined order mixing it up we tried these yearbook there have only y'all would show because john's unscom expensive to go there it is exhausting i did the whole thing on my own before and it was brutal and into seamus you know they did it the they got the record there this year but they towed there and back then we were there you know we weren't towing and so it's barely light when you launch in mustard tiny game and launch it's raining or it's just too windy and it's pretty dicey the lodge is not emmy's it makes kishan earthquake a walk in the park and then and then you have to ridge's or for quite a long time you know it's not on yet at all and then you get enough fight to bench back to this three k.

00:54:02 - 00:54:09

ridge behind it a little bit higher and then you bench there for a little bit and then you've got a clear like a forty k.

00:54:09 - 00:54:21

plateau still and it's just ripping and there's lots of power lines in the cloud based on your right on the ocean there so your cloud bases like right off the dirt so you got to clear clear this like forty k.

00:54:21 - 01:03:50

bar before and then it drops away and then you can start getting established but man i mean most of the time you're back at the hotel before for eight and there's no wi fi there's no food in this little town aids manny's bleak it's not the experience that i think a lot of people are having unlike asu and certainly not like he should of news work it was like to do a job it was it was tough going yes lots of respect for the record pressing guys analyst needed from there when you're when when i was there those guys were there rafael and marcelo and sam well and the year before was when they got the five sixty four when they the record and it was thirty nine days flew three i mean they're like that time when i was there they were there for three days sam well can i have hardly ending and hurt his shoulder and a bunch of wind and they were guy you know what fuck it we can't do it this year we just i don't have the mental aptitude and i was like oh man i need you know but thirty nine days he's got three estimates bandits it's tough word the west is why does why the record because they fight hard were you guys doing asu or keiko this year last year the th this year yeah again i think assu arena remaining plans for four hundred plus but i feel that he's been difficult to do their five hundred because when you get a little bit of southern influence on the wings and basically you have to tom dorsey twitter's basis are we have go to our daily and wen to win is pushing spending home drive from where in house kaikoura have discussed we them with bad on the or whoever it is in their mouth and yeah yeah maybe like oh maybe we try and find our place swear yeah that's that that's very aged game so for for listeners that have been down there what would you say are kind of you know what what would you wanna tell new people that are thinking about going in the flight flattest noticed the sir towel to be kind of ready for i think the sounds like towing is a much safer way to get in the sky then neil than the typical launches launches there whether that be patu or kisha to seem or whatever but it's also pretty for real i was i was amazed like the you know the terrain is not you know it's not australia whereas just nothing it's you know it's not like flying danila quin which i did for few weeks back in twenty fourteen but there it's more like the lack of roads and if you land out somewhere you really literally could die from the heat where's where's the towel it's like cactus man there's really serious stuff that you would not want to land in foul has some really lendable larrea would say in the case of a su a we wear kind of okay yeah i mean we towing favor than going getting thrown body nick going away and fake gov under british in high than so that you can live saw already in your heart in general like you're not scared are not so isis just ready to avoid see the building villain options are generally quite fine from assume earn also braulio ready no got released local people they take care of you so saw that that kind of helps when you're landing outs or with common help you recommendation as usual trains all you have to train these kinds of launch so how would you train to any any fourteen are like when you buy game fours hours are on something you have to to stay hydrated into to stay on norrish earned and to stay healthy thanks dante like an almost lie with you maybe sandwiches and then guard faisal five dollars being more serious and you can get easy reise hydrangea over there on that yeah you need to be revoked ward on four zero three on them prepare for emergencies we'll have to carry emergency kids as you already non frame gordon to carry a delorme or as general unofficial achieved taking over there and then for sure to a good team i do yeah yeah sure we we were really blessed within we had this year from from attracted by these these musi four by fours around his foul on on the same worries been like a doesn't go through the internet you have sort of stationing that allows talk to see where you are without needing and wow yeah san sir farmer i don't know how a pretty good so that it drives data need internet clinician to find your spots pam the just on the goal winter you are and but for some pretty cool rescues grades five rescues i'm those you feel safer than than yari that's super nice to have that wanted to cool development yeah yeah you should talk to martinez pretty interesting where swells they could probably but now it's amazing what have you learned what have you learned about flying the flats arm sounds different than flying in the alps lying lying in the flats you've been martha gumbel rights UCLA on maybe this cycle is maybe s- tying already some in need to observe ebb a log what's going on with clouds and the more you slide them all you learn how to read when a cloud is dying or growing for me i also a new cloud is better than a big cloud cloud might be already dying and no anew cloud he's always like more sure vets and also perhaps on a nice it works archly but i know we might end so when i'm flying me works pretty well the turmoil full mcgladdery to it's on them firing on aries wait gnarled there could be some thermal activity end when you're kind of searching and getting neko bubbles on the words which in life she works in a month much in the month end sales let you go more for short on you come out your your aw him precisely because you know exactly way to tamils are coming but in the last few nights cycles and you need to learn to read them one of the things i learned from jeff shapiro down down in kisha a few years back is circa about sink in the flats to that you know often when i'm in the mountains you know if i if i enter really pretty strong sink won't necessarily be nearly as aggressive about getting out of it is i am in the flats because i know it's going to change range pretty quick whereas in the past is you got all that wind sir towel your be on the ground if you stay in like the the f.

01:03:50 - 01:03:50


01:03:50 - 01:15:50

radically aggressive about getting out of the sink you know so like you know because we're always kind of taught when we first learned you know you know turned thirty forty five degrees and hit more speed bar and and jobless i that's not enough in the flats in the serta ninety degrees and an amherst me bar arina like be really aggressive about it you know it's it's hard to visualize but he seemed to be onto something with that yeah i mean you have to get out of there i often say she'll kind of encourage what when when the national that i'm thinking of the law like that okay something good is going sorry eighteen to push through what is mentally challenging because nelson thanking law that you don't know when is it comedy underground is coming close close range than some fantasy guy works from just and but normally i i just tried to push hard to it's yeah i learned something i it was just i hadn't heard it phrased this way but we did this bonus episode recently there was i was down at this red rocks fly in in in southern utah this fall and there's a guide legend instructor here can who'd enjoy organ a nurse as last name right but been around a long time in fact he told story this thing about how he's pretty sure he invented the reverse launch at least in north america you know so that that was i'm sure it was probably happening in switzerland and france about the same time but but he was certainly in the first one did the first one here no she's pretty cool they always been around a long time fantastic instructor and he was talking about you know when you're on glide if you feel something go towards it it doesn't matter it's sink or thermal ego let you're saying go towards like our wings i think that really hire aspect to liners kinda do i often do that i'll often especially if i'm kinda struggling i'll just close my eyes and let the wing do the work interest medic go especially in exile she kinda tired catnap the wing goad the lift but you know because around most lift is insane and so if you if you just if you feel if you're feeling something it's probably good it might not initially be good might be sync but then it'll be a thermal so yeah i was it not that this week was represented kazaa was flying so so poorly at that at the british but i was i was trying that a lot and it almost always worked just feel something i'm gonna go to that and and it's almost always always something good he might be onto something really i mean there is moving for a recent right yeah yup gotta be moving up closer i'm like you whenever i feel like strong seek i'm is there's a goody goody coming here and it's gotta find it for a hit the deck that's going to raise finding before you need the now help other nightfall doing but i know mine likes to help with internal i remember two years ago like m allies or whatever so i would think this sounds as old approach on the rights and that was kind of with donde guiding the car it was quite funny but you are the great toy and so you you you you gave us that great history of you know coming outta colombia learning there and then coming over to the UK you've been chasing it pretty hard now for bunch of interlocking which is definitely very real job let's that's a lot of lyon during the surtout thing you don't a bunch of comps i'm experiencing something for the first time in my flying career which is kind of a our if i'd call it a lull but but there isn't that spice that always really enjoyed with flying in and there's a lot of kind of personal questioning especially this happens more when when you don't do very well to cops on that a bad week but you know kind of like let us all about you know what does this all mean willy why is it important which this is new i haven't experienced before flying i'm just wondering if you've ever been through a lull in you know in your because you always seem pretty psyched about flying pretty enthusiastic and i don't know if i've ever seen without a smile so but i'm just wondering there's been lulls the had to push through has got them there was i mean my i was says when i moved onto the UK but i had to stop flying because i want a book because i bought i remember later on wednesday lonzo was a university on US right about the time when they stopped allowing competition gliders and well story uncertified gliders well at one and that was the only glider hot so i ended up myself not being able to campaign so i remember for doing the work pretty worked happy sadachi with a bar with a borrowed early sign pure undoing by sadly there and then going through the bridge british also an early sign viewer when anybody else was fine enso's nice speech fund boomer jonsman really by the time i saw that i'm just such a pile of the year the unhealthy but also kind of financial idea in the way of being able to keep doing on expensive sport they couldn't afford to buy a brand new to whatever saw on my results are not shying side i i will definitely thinking about giving up miss competitions on just keeping a hobby i remember my my sister how the wedding here here in columbia and the fan django on switching to the colombian open and with learned while busy can you contain linde was going to columbia anyways give it to him after than he gave me kind of a bit about how to fly you know we do and how to control and then i went off john went to my sister's wedding then we marched borrowed and sua and i won the colombian which was pretty high level that year i finally failed awadi was to fly the glider another many disadvantaged this sparks came back bay dusted donate and they say is there any way which help us on the bay there is regime that that year for the world cup and yeah but that was certainly before that about to give up competitions focus on my career on thankfully we'll sabah i'm i'm i'm glad we got your back man it's good to have you in the game and again huge congratulations for another epic week actually to who epic leaks with the open on that too so can't wait cloudy again it's always just such a pleasure and says it's been fun being wink wink tip with you a a few times as the years go by and thanks man appreciated skits good to have a chat with you a invites i hope oban maybe i see you in this year the weekend would awake yet does very interesting when i remember doing the brady salon with you in the free world in colombia CEO's by i forgot about that that was cool in business going around cooman well yeah we'll talk soon thanks a lot and i appreciate it thanks man if you find the cloud base may have valuable you can support a lot of different ways you can give us a rating on itunes or stitcher however you get your podcast that goes a long ways to help spread the word you can blog about it on your own website or shared on social media you can talk about it on the way to launch with your pilot friends i know a lot of interesting conversations happen that way and of course you can support us financially finally this show 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all that bonus material now thank you so much for listening i really appreciate your sport we'll see on the next show thank you