Episode 103- Chris Gursky and Don’t Let Go


Hang On. That’s what Chris Gursky had to do for the longest 2 minutes and 14 seconds of his life on his first ever Hang Gliding flight. In what has been dubbed the “Swiss Mishap”, this American got a little more adventure than he was looking for in Interlaken when his pilot forgot to clip him in. This is his truly amazing story. You’re in for a doozy. Enjoy!


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Show Notes:

  • Laurent recounts his history of flying since 2001 and the genesis of the Vercofly
  • How the VercoFly works
  • How to get into hike and fly
  • Tips for being safe in hike and fly races
  • Minimum ability level to have to participate in the VercoFly
  • Laurent recommends some of the MANY hike and fly races in the Alps
  • What to know before you go fly in the Alps for your first time
  • 3 things newer pilots tend to screw up
  • Want to be safe? Fly a lot!
  • Listen to your inner self
  • Advice for staying safe
  • Laurent recounts his one accident

Mentioned in this episode:

Nick Greece, Wolfgang Seiss, Chris Gursky

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