Episode 100- Live audience show with Jean Baptiste Chandelier!

Jean Baptiste Chandelier makes films that transport millions and millions of viewers into an aerial world of fantasy and fun. In this episode we learn about JB’s creative process and how he turns his dreams and ideas into films that connect to audiences regardless of their interest in flying. How does it all come together? How much is shooting vs editing? How does the process change with time? How do you mesh the dream and business? How do the ideas come and how does he choose which ideas to pursue? We learn about his accident last year, how to approach wagga flying…and what’s next. Please enjoy our centennial and first live audience episode of the Cloudbase Mayhem with the legend Jean Baptiste Chandelier!

His latest films:

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Show Notes:

  • We learn about JB’s creative process
  • The financial side of the films
  • Transporting and connecting with the audience
  • From dream to film
  • JB’s accident last year
  • Sponsorship and commercial work
  • Why JB doesn’t compete in Acro and doesn’t fly XC
  • Why proximity flying?
  • We take questions from the audience

Mentioned in this episode:

Tristan Shu, Guillaume Galvani, JB Merendet, Cross Country Magazine, Clube Asas de Sao Miguel

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Episode 100- Live audience show with Jean Baptiste Chandelier!

00:00:10 - 00:05:17

You were low there. Everybody welcome to the hundred episode of the cloud base may. Can you believe it. I certainly can't this was actually our first live. Show with the man man the myth the legend john baptiste chandelier we recorded this last week when i was out in the as roars for their twenty fifth festival i sailed the azores in two thousand eleven and met that whole club and had a blast. We were there for about a month a bunch of flying into beautiful island. It's an amazing club. These guys know how how to throw a party. It was just really fun week. We had terrible weather not really any flying but man it was a good time and i encourage all of you and if you get a chance to go button that festival that happens every august. They put a lot of effort into it. I can't believe it makes me feel like i'm a total slacker is the head of arklow here back in some valley but yeah we had fun. We had a great time we talked to gianbattista about where he gets his creativity from and his favorite places to why and what's next and how to get into waga and and took some questions from the audience and we'll see how all the audio from that works out but i had all my gear with men should be pretty good but a big thanks to the folks in the azores for an salmonella for hosting john baptiste and i we had a blast with this and i hope you enjoy it as well. Usually i put the whole kind of housekeeping and donation stuff at the end of but i wanted to put it up on the front side because this is the hundredth episode and just wanna put a shout out to all of you who are supporting the show. I really really really appreciate it. Remember that all the bonus content and all the stuff that we have for kind of subscribers. There's you don't have to contribute financially to be a subscriber if you have you know. Send us an email or if you're on the newsletter list or if you've been involved in the podcast i in any way and you can't support us financially. I will still make lifetime account for you. We're not gonna put anything behind a paywall so if you don't have access to that just let me know no all set you up with an accountant and hopefully someday you will be in a financial position to help support show but yeah. I just wanted to put a shot out there. You know we get about six to eight. Percent of the listeners actually support the show financially which i guess for podcast is really really really good but just as a reminder all we've ever asked wars a buck show so if you add it all up that's less than a magazine subscription every year so if you're getting something out of this and you can contribute financially. We would really really appreciate it and you can do it. A number of different aren't ways you can do it too patriot dot com for slash cloud base mayhem and just set it up set it forget it you can do directly threaten website where it just bills you you dollar whatever you want to contribute every couple of weeks because that's what we put a show out on is every two weeks where he can just do a one time donation through pay pal can find all those links links to do it on the cloud base may dot com and if you can't support us financially totally get that we understand and there's a lot of other ways you can do it. You can review it on itunes tunes or stitcher or spotify or however you listen to the podcast. You can tell your friends about it. That's what this is all about is just spreading word and making us safer and better better pilots so you can talk about it on the way to launch. You can put a shout out about it on your social media. When when we released the show tell your friends about it that way now. The whole goal is just to get as many people listening as we can so we can be safer and better. That's what it's all about so i appreciate it. Dot there are a lot of cost awesome involved in running. This and there are obviously a lot of time and there's a lot of editing big shout out to our editor miles who has edited. I think since episode twenty or so a big change in the quality since then it's been really fun to go back and listen to all the episodes as i'm working on this book kind of clipping them off one by one and putting the best of the best into a book that we're doing with cross country magazine so stay tuned for more information on that. It's gonna be really fun in the meantime. We'll just keep banging out shows. I'm having a blast doing this. I love getting feedback. I love from hearing from so many pilots that has it has either save their life or saved them from having an accident or just made it a lot more fun. It's pretty cool hearing that people. They say like hey when i'm flying man. I've got you in my head. That's that's pretty great so we will continue having great people on the show and putting out the best content we possibly can. I appreciate your feedback. I appreciate your your suggestions and i appreciate you. Let me know who you think. I should be interviewing. I try to take all those into account and try to make it happen so thank you very much much. Thank you for listening. Thanks for hanging in there for a hundred episodes of the cloud base ma'am and please enjoy this live audience talk with john baptiste chandelier. Hello hello woah so thank you for.

00:05:17 - 00:10:10

I mean we are here. They we again and these via via a really happy to have your today for a gavin recording of his one hundreds at our forecasts for those of you that are not familiar with is podcasts is a really really good tool for finding any free firefighters as and the we are going to make this rewarding here especially in the with the so we are going to make this recording this conversation gavin we'll ask questions you'll see some videos and dan we opened to the public so in the future edit he will publish the episode like yeah in two. Thanks for everybody worlds so that's as i the lord thank you for this. Thank you thanks everybody. This is our first live audience show. I and i sat down with with gianbattista about three years ago and said hey i gotta get you on the show and then we facebook in in here siri talking into a cerebral portion this off but so this is very cool to be able to do it. It's very cool to be able to do a live show and also for our hundred episode episode so thanks for coming gabi when you're at a social gathering and someone doesn't know you. I can't even imagine but what would he tell me. Do what's your answer. They they come up to you and say what do you do. It says a it's not easy question everytime because it's it's not like a real job so i already and i don't say i don't. I don't like to turned deny its who can show what you think about but incense. I'm yes in private m._r._i. so you're you consider yourself more a pilot than filmmaker or a creator or creative. I sing. Maybe it was my parents who we started on the right not to be a job. There is many developers lobes instagram that but when i started not was really the beginning of these things may be. I might get some. It's on the internet. It was in tule tells them l. Even i guess on on was new as to readable another job. I was not like because i didn't competition. I was was not director or even video where just makes more deals for the internet yes it was like it's a tricky answer for me. I am i have st joe's for me. I am like i am videomaker on amherst targeting designer on it was together feet on walks is because i need to the miami they oh i need to know how to make videos to know what kalis tricks i can do like rush also seeing an order disease where you you were telling me last night that i've always thought that paragliding really had two disciplines acro- which i see you're very good at an cross country but you said no. I'm not really approximity. Flyer added that whole well. How did you get involved in proximity flying. Where was the where was the inspiration for that. It's very interesting to go through this terrible. I mean when i wasn't striving try. That just won't fly. I was dreaming about fly and when i was a child i was fickle from the school i will there my mind was the gulf on baas budeina budeina moth might cds and it was like like we can imagine and then i still wanna fights might go. I want to do that and then i thought he's already because it was cheaper and then you will go inside the party. Were i knew i feel like i have the to choice. Cross country are but explain because country is not my way and i thought to make a cruel and make appreciate my saved booth something to marseille try to be good pilots and one day i arrived on the place in my home on i come into the gulf is issue.

00:10:10 - 00:15:01

France was that superior don't have my way through wearing the double the bumping on the front two wins and he gave me a cross between salaam was eat today since sunsets ready before and so as that flight like is among bain start to play with the trees on serve the trees on house monday unless that handled be both on seattle's on land. Maybe if i was twenty minutes because it was like a little bit of someone but don't listen and they was like china i mean it's like the momentum i realized that twelve. I want to fly when i was young and then i say okay. There is something i really liked is locked in the box out of the box. Analyzing it could be wouldn't see z. onto developing story through showing video that was beginning so that the proximity flying was really only the kind of the start that led to the videos that led to the film making where you were you already a filmmaker at that point or just playing around at that point. It was like i don't know y._m._c._a. Maker it's really weird because one day friend is at the movie and the other night just check the movies and they give me the video and i make and eat them. I get the feeling that was like boy. Williams rates then you one. Then company asked i need to make a new for them to make a deal or it was the beginning of ronald load then i make these flights and when i started as a mission between my by like doing her on my fiance when did you it sounds like about then. When did you feel like okay. This could be career. This could be a job i i could. I could make a living from this. I sing . I think maybe the time i gets reloaded views. I understood that it was possible to make a kind of job but what was it was not like a dream at the beginning of formula while i don't trust myself seeing that i was able to leave about already so i just fly because i like heats i was detroit and the less optimism videos on state by state is not to be more and more provisional on deeper for little more on jackets es and the jacket with a tweet role in there with moral step by step. No i know we have a huge team where they some commissioners things and it's original seven-year-olds. Everything was the bicep. It seemed like ah had the great pleasure of watching all your videos again yesterday preparing for this talk which i've seen them all so many times so that was that was really fun but it seemed like there was a really big jump at urban side that was is that where you brought in all these amazing graphics and you made a place that you know has been flown in not overly spectacular just really fun and that was a sailing around the world at that point and i remember seeing that video going that guy's having really really good time. It's like urban side was a resort of flight. I expect before it was a result of the five i am the mayor groupings or as playing that was my dream. Since this time i say okay my dream was to fly like your every away either. Nobody plays and then maybe it could be interesting to prepare reading where we don't see. Partly i mean in the city. That's why has out to sink ability coincide . I was already the bus station between bill in front of the country was maybe we can try to to to show people. It's it's like a message someway. He's not writing the video to say okay today. We augsburg confide with a like almost like it's upon but with a wing and it was done on i think if i find the middle of mundane deployed application asian with me being in the city i have my goal was to soon strive to catch people will neal haiti in the building a secretary by was a secretary of these scenes and to keep our for my home from what i'm doing and af to track the attention of these she already dreamed about flight and that's right to find a way to quit connection between my dream a dream arisen by the time.

00:15:01 - 00:20:28

Tell me about your process because it's it's. It's fascinating to me how you come up with the ideas so how how does it how does take ecus through from inception from the dream from the time i think of okay i have an idea to the end result. It's it's not so organized the process timing sometime base. I mean like you something very important in the base. It's like sharing flaine with large beach. I don't try to touch pardoning at trying to to show the someone maybe like akber getting any difference and then from decided sharing the feeling of flight with images. That was the goal of on my the old is okay no hugging i so i tried to thank. Some rivera's came to play on the road. Lay on imported burst reserve somewhere a little in the city and then i tried to get some idea with that and also to get some ideas about hukou passed to shed his feeding because if you take on the mike and mirage right bold new from verify receiving that's and if she was a camera somewhere nice and go with something ready may be thinking you may be get this feeling of flying and my goal is read. That's when you see images that you feel almost that's fine with me and so it's not something where he for me something to give to be to give feeding getting people to give emotional your team. You guys just seem like you're having a blast when you're when you're doing it in like happiness and the the the these films just with the dancing and but it's all seems to be built around the music and do do you do start with the music and build the film or do you build the film and bring in the music because it like the the the synchro in the jive and the timing in the the dancing in the movies and that the it all seems to bounce around a specific track that you've found. It seems like that's that's the first thing yes this mini time. Yes nathan might . Get the connection between meals each and the i._d. And then when the spirits i mean height would be royal car most it. We don't try to catch semi humid. He's a new trade. moves martini on so it is as a reporter so i do music my sense why madrid as well so the drum parts for me. I am to be premier . I just the drum is like when reviewing all at the break and then is resolved be faster on its ray like brain drill drum individ- the menacing. There is many many being so yes. I think the big link thank between music might ruin experience on my way. It's how much how much of a project like tach is shooting versus editing in terms of time. I seem derivative video. We wall skying during the war because i'm so slow the process. I'm really like voter visiting me. I when i get the i._d. M._t._v. another another project we have we used to have two years because i while the zanu off to get someone to be able to pay the trip. The cameraman everything you need the camera need to be able to go there to make images on the routine then then when they get the money you can start to shoot the video a king but forgetting nights reserve here sometimes not so al it's already happened to means yes or we came and then began back because of that's why it's very and and so yes we try to make images unlikely feces veto tach we going greece and then we will surprise arises surprised was the wind is madam the maximum win. It's a win never around fifty to sixty hours twenty four hours twenty four hours so you see the nice little everything and i to be so nice new arriving and this may be tomorrow. We'll be better when we came tonight for tried to catch some in writing you say okay then came back so we say than days become back then mugabe's and when we get other at the end of the shooting gene then i stopped with a near the two because i know off the wall spots rifle white as the last one we get five hours of images five minutes movie of the soil you off to work five hours of worrying images to i tried to catch the guns without really nice and then i did it on my protest them.

00:20:28 - 00:25:20

I asked too many friends spoke spoke at the beginning of france and the feedback so that's nice that's nice. That's good that we don't understand and then i read it. They asked more friends and then i did it again. And then i asked moore fron. I did it again. I'm like white as was the same. It was may be ten to fifteen the invasion before the end of video so i'm working like do it feedback do it by luigi back and what i read is already knows the feedback so the next video i'm working on. He's not sure that we'd be done but i get an idea drew on seeing who idea both point to look for tweet ahead me to do service projects on the to get the money to visit them around the resume so leads the next project. It would be may be because we don't have other tradition right. We'll religion so we can lead to being the sometimes seen gene kranz new york city so that's jewel on a story that i would go from a skyscraper land. I will have many these things fly in the city hello with and finishing the study in that supergun already imaginatively to story than the birth who to know if it's a good idea then in use this you take this to your sponsors and say this is my next idea. This is how much money i'm going to need exactly to us. At this time. We know the ba- jets we know. How many people are we need so we give that on the budget so that it's less dreamy parts of the project simon you of a dreamer and then you need to talk to businessmen is the thirty different it. Is there also a back end of project. So if you go to adidas and say listen. I need this much money to make the film and then you have you know for every million and views. Do you get more money or at at it can you can you take a little bit behind the scenes of how the financial model works so he throws is the bottles observe projects me. I have to way to get money for projects leads with his phone so every time and then i'm working wearing. I who kind of looney's views on t._v. shows that they give me more onto a roof. Who've than our proposal project and they will give me either like the project . If it's in them strategy they read invest estimate on us so you brother project any that with each to show up to walk leads me yes and strategy or so. I do some commissioner sometime me. My idea is not to be rich. Irene visit meeting in my project so when it gets money from commercial i really the investment servicing in the project to try to something bitter just realized my dream also win here. We austin on wednesdays. We like to project will benefit the plane. We'd pay you house here to be able to stay on some money. All just some free of charleston seeing how big is it is your team typically on weightless light line some of the some of the more recent films you've done so i used to walk with the same people the three hundred maybe you already simple amazing and he's also video makers because he wants to switch either beat elise together as we doing her for him but only for my project guys with g._m. Advantage of unease pregnant friend with who was training along inequity echo so we have a same reveal your defying acrobatic fly. This is being sometimes so i mean should be style in a guy in front of the camera he goes doing critising than some time with the legacy of gopro bimbo and is like the movie and everything and it's like super could the stuff on the guide weezer she bay bridge but he's like and these guys come from schools in the russian civil yup the most amazing thing because we are deduct so either some somebody who's some experience also i am.

00:25:20 - 00:30:01

I'm very happy . Does kim just just like this project because it's almost all of my best friend so who we go somewhere with a friend in missing best in the world do bergen. He's not so easy but what's your favorite place to fly here. It's really nice. I think the it's everytime different means a result place as my home. It's amazing for productivity flying while they go done hater. I mean it's nobody knows amounting on you. Just will likely to be bit flying and yes my home. It's perfect because the slope is perfect to receive the tree of the space to bus between to throw them. It's amazing place but serena like rusty's amazing wine. Brezina says in kentucky breath is like both sometime five to six meters through like super playground. You can't undo dozen seeing its reduced more but there is so many things that spray night muscles alleged landscape. You can fly in your. It's like it's crazy if you liking trope. It's like the thing that's really here. It's pretty quickly so in in these projects like weightless that you did here and b-e-n-s-o-n how much of it is collaborative is it. Is it really your vision driving. The uh-huh project or is it is really a lot of people coming together exhibit you said before that you added that blows me away. I we have a real people. Adults eat so many times on reparations in fact we did. It seems nice of time by buds. I get kind of like dennis so seats with all my team library presents projects using we can do and then when i finally we give more at ease bush bush for other projects and the also when the air then after valuables because i everytime to see what upper nitra zuma matt wilder percents so be mirundi with way will be . It's funny but i know he's incensing so when we go king connected yes gays job on medical toward that scene is walking unemployment. We won't whites finding easy but it's never electrolytes because without results from sometimes much much sometime we some people are against the latest video. We have people talking of other car. It was interest at this moment. We cannot read that a write up on the screen and then we get them amounts and we know that we have got that moment was reinforce so it was the team will make an amazing job in trying to find the body with his diamond to be severe right he . It's a ready in the beginning it from my head that it's like the jews adjoining bus from from i'm touch. How did you set that up. I mean obviously the bus drivers in on this but what vision but how did you yeah. Did you coordinate all these things. That was really really funny story. Because i get the idea of the beginning of the video i mean i see to be super nice because i want connected to burn on the road to be nice to go down the role than to cross on bike machine so that was the buddy zen bisco beneath me a hell of you the commission with you for as i said no i really i really looking for this could be amazing to put your best in might be there so it was it was more money in my phone so it's reasonable bonanza tailspin so let's do it's will give you release with the driver and then we will always over the three days we make sheds picture was released.

00:30:01 - 00:35:06

We make of run against while it in how many takes to get that so the one we did it. I did it two times well. I'm one times we are missing with the guy i was a a jose innovator the iphone and then i was getting faster than what is really funny when you are pregnant pilots. It's super easy action. He's not you don't need to be watching for. The people who don't fly is cajones voltage preventative unwilling to learn these kinds of job is kind of feeding that most people don't than the performance in order to video in which is more important than the performance weightless same question so like we're i fly at home. There's a skier at and and we have to stay one hundred and fifty feet off the deck for the legal and all the stuff. Is this b-e-n-s-o-n your home yea. I mean kid other. Could we go do that. yeah threat to oppression for everything ninety percents ninety five percents sirri about the festival reads because it's my home because the lives of boston because trust me to give me a relation to to the spots and they give me up with two other raise money than the afternoon i gave us the rice jose take on the gates bits also give me the vision to fly and the slope opened the wrist and i said a trip to meet like you're against people wealth who everything either. We'll do like a ski on prime land somewhere but no reason is no. He's anti trust me of course there stories and so we play for maybe three fold as was right to get the feedback. The idea was to go on the scope under land where some way and with rowland's try to just catch to get the balance depot is the only any parameter is we were in france in france. It's really hot getting wishing for hockey. In france outside is the same they resumed so okay devos aware but it will be fight but if he okay you've got a couple of short segments. You were saying that before you really launched into a project you story board it. You get the funds and then you do some testing year just before the story was it's because i i tried. Thanks for joining the bust on. I make struggle on. I failed to find these things in red red and i go dole and every time it was too late. Late raid fall finals six zero . Maybe nine times then times so then i two hundred percent on the walking which burgundy so it was to be the kind of yeah yeah revenge bruins as you were saying you you know without a lot of editing or you just put out these little segments on facebook you really use social media's kind of a platform to test projects and see like this things got legs eggs incentive embarking on huge projects. You do these little things yeah. It's just a recap talking before its formula. I use like switched on like retiree yet laboratory to try to just catch a feedback sometime on new idea of view also new audio on so we try and then we check like it's allowed to try to go through evil use project after through so these these winter and the idea was to check with the sixty mirage. We'd be better than the the jimbo so the idea was to check the speed effect with ayubi drawn come and this was most interesting it is it something interesting on each of my stomach and thanks i found this interesting and so i just put it on into.

00:35:06 - 00:40:05

Let's get back to see a nice like he pulls nextradio on us so yeah i like this e._m. For the story may be save my legs as what because like the crisis vinter isaac. It's keep my bike by good segue. I you got hurt here. What happened and it was a commute huge without the lighter. I was just running my own. I was the swing wing. I flew since shots. One and just wanna land was very strong and i just have to make some money for the have to go in the summer and is i. I do sixty because it was strong. Outside fed sixty at the the wing was . Aggravating seven huge ups was but in the back life that's us be burned to be ends. Lewitt on there ought perhaps it may really. We have seen a make me going up. I almost a sunshine line and then in five minutes as over the ground. I just rico attention with the line i was able to people's he positives unlike him by degrom fuss man. I don't remember it's become a ride if using so i was birth check your resume and it was really weird because i didn't make any mistake when you see the movement at the end was on the tonight was not about to do nothing for me as many rows the scared. It's the view because it can do nothing. Is that the only accident event i though this amount it was like just go around that was that was even right now is i'm thinking about the boats i mean i just going around and lots of sun used contrast between snow on rocks. It's gonna happen anything happen to your head after that one was scary coming back to flying or is there any kind of fear injury will noise. I'm nine spooky because it's look my brain. Don't understand the voting reading because i have. I don't remember nothing. I i am blank thank you i was so what i flew dry. India was like in my day likes mike. I'm just used because my back his week my leg as well but things on bone sewing one months to how much the image of your life blood your income the financial at the end of the year. How much is it from. Sponsors sers versus selling project. I noticed you've you've gotten more into doing more commercial projects as well like the new zealand . How does that add up. It's what is really. I'm really lucky. I mean it's like unknown is much more what they really care. So boats might ides's i will to to get my read one day. It's what i've already miserable division even more than just flying disaggregated. I have to be in the video on the wings some way and then. I get some aid on sometime. If i may have superposition school i answer until reject into something . Just keep going my project. I'm tonight i'm. I don't try to catch job like this because they have what they need to lead by fifi the heat's is so i just think on-line project don't of smart things because the parental awesome family is saying you should small money if it's more exa job awesome scene who catch up to lose magician us lose efficient because it's not to be too much joel on dan if only for all our new falls money visit with mine division so i try to food is just like for those who want to do more waga and were acura chaining because as you talk about how hard you really had to train for longtime and put a lot of focus into it .

00:40:05 - 00:45:02

Where do you start where waga and you know. Proximity flying hiring is not something that you're many people teach fencing will wear because it's like everybody perfectly fine dying because we always not something like really new but you can watch chris contributed search flights perfectly fine. It's another ways technique is about anticipating anticipating anticipating series tragic story of and so i tried to focus more on long than than to be able to make it interesting line to make also so to ensure look easy so bieber to his each easy for you to relax at the beginning of alexa really when you walked in the front and the dam was leg in the bag and removes effect and then you get the feeling of lying and so now i just done off. They like i say wrong while wanting brooke in my home. Just five defying might go every day to find new game to be able to do it with a smile. It's like like my it's my. I don't do that to be the best that were different way to use things in the us. I was for some i love. You showed us a little bit of the your story board for potentially your next project but what's next for j. Be in terms of you know kind of the big picture to do. These projects just have to keep getting better or just focus on fun and and kind of let it happen so funny. I feel like what they want to taylor was getting to the people on the bus. Show was a dream. I seen the message case though i admit allows you to watch for you because i love the way that my dream was to try. I'm kind of you but from the c._d. You know so i can finish with the in the city view very amazing who don't even that began for most liked by manigault from japan and the i think i mostly end in the beginning of don. I feel so much vision in the bus. It was really hard for me to walk from europe rules stoking adoptable today's it's being a need to do it and knowing when they asked to open premier pros. No good is thought to be rehired so i feel that's maybe after john and i have to go for the project yet so i think i will not maybe two warriors has the defeat the film making his rob at all your passion for flight. Not i mean it's like the project thinks i._d. Gives me motivation more than fly because if it's everytime simplisafe place it's the primates. I think it's like surfing burgundy. It has bought with very nice body to you because you offer rates a niche wednesday to be proficient . You've thought won't be frustrates an and when you go through straight to stop and it's i mean it's a flying so the only way i've found to get what's vision is crazy ivy that it's hard to to catch and so is i'm still into it because i knew it'd be going the other people into something that you would division bent just to fly likes candidates. It's at one month's. Let's go through the though but nab at the creativity really feeds the legislature has that flanks everytime to be the same same bus everytime something you can find something new a new game in new things on then. I have a question. How much does it cost to make film like weightless. Await list goes on you. Okay check to make was that the most expensive film to date about look metro against both homeadvisor.

00:45:02 - 00:50:01

Yes yeah yeah so. The for the world of movies is because they are really nice friends. It's because it will protect and because we were staying in like two weeks. Ago somewhat has two weeks. They restricted buttons are into the much more money than lobby of regrets the music i was gonna ask you about the music license. 'cause i mean some of the tracks. You're using her big songs. Obviously you can't just do it. You gotta get. I'm how does that have d- are you. Negotiating there. Yet is a son of the music. Wait breath sixteen thousand zero okay and does that change if you start doing festivals and everything or is that just unlimited needed. It's like . It's should be one year one year only again but then after you so did that but that's an interesting question so you are you choosing your music because often you just find a track where where it's like this is the song have to use in in five hundred miles. Nowhere we found track from the band righted spang in angler. They're real famous. Sir the iceland icelandic band it which is like we have to use this track and we contacted them through united one of the and and and they did noah paragliding was and they looked at the film and they were like you can have it for free. That's awesome. I it was it was amazing that i've about other instances where we that song that she sees the videos hall. I hope so you're you do you do. Are you really thinking about the music rights before you pick a track or do you just you're. You're listening listening all my god. That's the one i got us and then you deal with it. Yeah i use respect because it is also in the during the woods highlighted celebrity while to utah audible active people to show them underway already laid to ulcer on ultimately eddie time then survey expensive tall and then you i the issue of the rights much by trench music which resulted all the process all. That's a we get smile view. You're making me like one single. Police projects archie ever be sir languages so i decided that the the the how can you rely on youtube for the. I don't know how youtube works but you know what the little ads that they put in the front end when you don't weightless scott like ten million views with the outside t._v. Things as way over that in your eyes. I remember when you announced the czar role. I felt so is that a reliable source of income was udjuu. It's it could be the only parameter. It's a game i mean social beginning crazy barrel underpin millions set up and so it's gonna reach over the ways of shares best ways like strategy susini between dwarf and the best religion awesome wants to give the video of many many brunson outside many things to try to get rich if you uggla maybe two three volumes so as a g._i. Give it to help other thirty. Five parochial view make me ever to english is how much the effort it is marketing its marketing. It's like . I don't care but like really don't care what marketing i i mean. I have a winning i are able. I don't mean that but like when you when you release film. How much do you have to work on getting the news up and getting it out and the hamad amherst time.

00:50:01 - 00:55:18

Do you spend on the social media. Would that be the social. Media is rex who don't tried to mike ions met with our venture icing magazine the way ps piece. I mean small. I listened saying it's like it's fair but i even though oh push sherrod and i try to is you would be so. I don't mind to breath marketing. How much of a film like weightless light line the reese more recent films how much is serendipity tippety versus versus script and i think we every time though what is being what is the video we know what gives of video i of a number of action. I tried to do inside the video on that can use thoughts of the ideas that cannot be refined unverified . We never get zik says such fall to present right right now. We have opportunity right now is about to do you ever get any kind of like writer's block. Do you just have ideas yeah. There's so many you know you'll never do them or or do you go through times where you're like. What am i going to do that. What's the next one i'm su- i care about. That's everytime like one to two projects who also stress in sometime. A triple checked in on only one or two hour. We have judged for one all also and to me that's on. I was not happy reserved sonnenburg radio so raced the american idol. Donald trump's chromatic flying but the effect was no doubt. I walked and you. I think i heard you say earlier. The typical projects two years from inception to dan wings whose tears ramones months one euros us knowing wasabi spiral is above the way we because trying to be better do something better. I expect so thatch between the time when we should eat we ever needed of the the idea of the family was way sprays. Was maybe more munster munster that i won't i won't to show our show what we can do everything i mean to shoot. explain both media flying in of kind of like that so i will say i won't be contrasts while some lectures on though make but beggaring place of the and the it was the beginning of official walk on with a lot of likes assuming the swimming pool. It was like super key moments. I wanted to impose multiple ovations. I won't go authoring sweden when flies a weekend bicycle modern twenty days on this island. The island is like thank you to let is more. There is nothing to us win. Win win. Win of a chance and we're just is like we've been. They're just vice open and say we're not the room is the beginning with who's on promotion so whatever whatever you want on this data from the rule because the result on the space grief and so we move we rely it many many times every time there is a big of john's people trust us both matrices because of what what part of the process that two year process process would you love the most i see there is when in the treatment whether we are not his reform because we all like we have so many weeds we have so many of so many tranquil.

00:55:18 - 00:57:00

We have three used bides. What's we right arrived in as right so we will the garage league and as though it's threats before to go there because it's a big team cameron receiving aqua apple flyer relying on ways to get the action shots are going inside and you stopped already two. We mentioned it endearing exist at that and then it's the sycamore realized twenty. G's you're yeah no that's russell in. It's not true not to know that it's right now. You will be able to create something super cool all sushi so it's from a pro opinion and then it's like one two three and then suffocated feeding who's that growing and then you keep going and you riveted defeating sheeting as much as i am not. I am like i go through. I mean it's like against doping is two pm points to a._m. What's happened between and you'll have thank you very much. This was really cool to do the centennial neil episode here with you all and thanks for everybody for coming and thanks for sharing your wonderful world with us rybak decade really ed. I wait see your next project and this love yeah.