Episode 16- Cody Mittanck and the art of Going Big

Cody Mittanck deep of the Utah desert. Photo Nick Greece

Cody Mittanck deep over the Utah desert. Photo Nick Greece

Cody Mittanck set the unofficial Canadian foot launch record (“unofficial” for a very cool reason- listen to find out) last summer, and he’s one of a small handful (if there’s even a handful) of pilots in North America who’s doing the Infinity- as well as everything else in the Acro lexicon. Cody only started flying in 2009 but he’s as hungry as it gets and his lightning progression into the elite ranks of pilots in the world has been astonishing. In this information and passion-filled episode of the Cloudbase Mayhem Cody talks about progression, being realistic with your abilities, the accidents this fall at US Nationals and why his acro training has been so critical to staying safe on the big flights, why SIV isn’t enough, knowing when to THROW, the dangers of competitions and their value, when to know when you’re ready to step up to a more advanced glider and a lot more. This podcast is filled with incredible insight and is a great look into how Cody has methodically and safely approached getting good fast.

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Show Notes:

  • Cody recounts his amazing record flight in Canada
  • Cody recounts his wild 173 mile flight with Nick Greece across Utah
  • How to assess and be realistic with your abilities
  • How to progress safely and the importance of going beyond SIV
  • Why acro is safer than XC
  • Knowing what’s recoverable and what’s not, and knowing when to throw your reserve
  • The dangers of comps and their value
  • Maintaining passion when you fly year round
  • How to know when to move up to a more advanced wing
  • How to tone it back- knowing who you are
  • Mentioned in this episode:  Nick Greece, Nate Scales, Will and Chris Mueller, Jeff Shapiro, Chris Santacroce, Ondej Prochazca, Bill Belcourt, Jason Ely, Eric Reed, Will Gadd


Cody prepping to fly in the Worlds. Photo Ed Ewing

Cody prepping to fly in the Worlds. Photo Ed Ewing

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6 thoughts on “Episode 16- Cody Mittanck and the art of Going Big

  1. Outstanding Gavin and Cody! Wish I’d heard this about 13 years ago, ha ha…better late than never! Good luck Cody in Castelo in April.

  2. When we compare ourselves to basejumpers safetywise, we sound like winos saying ‘at least we aren’t crackheads…’

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