Bonus Episode! Behind the scenes before the start of the 23′ Red Bull X-Alps

The toughest adventure race on Earth starts in a few hours! 32 athletes go head to head in a mind boggling journey by foot and by sky across the Alps for 12 days. I sat down with many of them- Aaron Durogati, Celine Lorenz, Damien Lacaze, James Elliot, Lenart Oblak, Logan Walters, Markus Anders, Nicola Donini, Tanguy Renoud-Goud, Tom De Dorlodot, Rich Binstead and Tommy Friedrich a day before the gun goes off to find out how they are feeling, what are their biggest concerns, thoughts on some of the new rules, the pinch points in the course, the weather and a lot more. This is an intimate look at what’s going on in the minds of the athletes in this year’s race. Enjoy!

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