#206- A Walk (and Fly) down Memory Lane with Paul Guschlbauer

Paul Guschlbauer has been on the podium more than anyone in the Red Bull X-Alps other than of course Chrigel. He began his X-Alps journey back in 2011 when by his own account, he was a pretty beginner pilot. But that year the weather was horrific and he is a beast on the ground and he managed to nab 3rd place. This result lead to becoming a Red Bull athlete, a spot in that year’s Dolomitimann, and the rest is…well at least history in the making as Paul is far from done! This year’s Red Bull X-Alps was Paul’s 7th edition of the incredible race and a lot has happened over the more than a decade since. Paul now has two children; he’s flown his supercub from Alaska to Argentina; crossed the Alps not only 7 times in the race but twice more (once with Tom De Dorlodot during their ill-fated “Adriatic” expedition”); and he and Aaron Durogati have their own hike and fly series, the Wanderbird. In this episode Paul and I dive into his races and get into the stuff that fans probably haven’t heard. His huge mental struggles during the 2013 race; being in “flow” in 2015; his amazing run through the Lakes in Italy in 2017; what led to the very cool finish with Benoit in 2019; some very funny moments in 2021; and finally some thoughts on the outrageous pace in 2023.

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