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11 thoughts on “Subscribe to the Mayhem!

  1. I learned to fly parapente in Europe and can’t get enough airtime! Would love to join you for a sortie over SValley & elsewhere Gavin!
    Keep up the podcast, good stuff!

  2. When you want to go flying and the weather is shit
    When you need inspiration and getting your fix

    Tune in on the podcast Cloudbase
    Let your mind drift away and enjoy the fun

    Loving every minute of this show
    When you´re relaxing or on the go

    Here you find answers for all the questions you had
    Experienced pilots will share it straight from their head

    This program is a source of great knowledge and advise
    To keep us paragliders safer in the skies

    Thankyou Gavin for sharing the words
    to all paragliders in the whole wide world

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