The Latest Mayhem

  • Episode 58- Théo De Blic and becoming a professional

    Théo De Blic is one of the new generation of professional acro pilots who has been staggering audiences around the world with his incredibly difficult twisted sequences. In this episode we learn how Théo has become one of the most-winning pilots on the World Cup tour and how he’s making a living from flying and then we get into the essentials of progression, the ardors of competition, the best equipment for acro, the safest way to learn acro, the steps of throwing your rescue, why you should learn on a non Acro or Freestyle wing…and a lot more

  • One or Two Reserves for paragliders?

    We’ve covered reserves and throwing on many of the Mayhem Podcasts, but they came up specifically in the podcast with Russ Ogden and Tom Payne. One of our listeners, Daniel Schmitt broke it down really well and I wanted to share his thoughts on this incredibly important safety subject

  • Episode 57- Phil Glutz and Confidence, Complacency and Chasing it

    Phil sends big lines in the biggest terrain in the Alps and decided a couple decades ago to ditch his engineering career because the sky was calling. An Australian native, Phil discovered Zermatt over twenty years ago and made it his home. We discuss the business of tandem flying and the inherent risks involved; the importance of confidence when flying XC; how to “own it”; the best flying sites in the Alps; the call of the big mountains; how to make a career in flight; what makes the “perfect” student; and how to always be wary of complacency. Enjoy!