The Latest Mayhem

  • Heading out on the Denali flight, Photo Jody MacDonald

    Episode 22- The Alaska Traverse- Ed Ewing interviews Gavin McClurg

    Ed Ewing, the editor of Cross Country magazine takes over as show-host and asks Gavin the questions many people have wanted to know about how it all went down on the traverse. We talk about the Red Bull X-Alps, how Gavin’s obsession with paragliding started and find out what led to his 6-year pursuit of a dream- to traverse the full length of the Alaska Range by paraglider and foot. We find out what went right, what went wrong, what gear was used, what happened after Dave had to leave, and hear some pretty wild stories of what went down.

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    The Deep Line- Part II

    “…The X-Alps was living up to its reputation. It was more adventure, more fun, more difficult and more terrifying than anything I’d ever done. My me, it was the perfect game, one that couldn’t just be muscled through.

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    Episode 21 Rafael Saladini- Chasing World Records and World Cup Tactics

    What’s it like to break world records? How do you win tasks at World Cups? Find out how to train to truly go big from one of our sports most talented and dedicated pilots, Brazilian Rafael Saladini. Rafael discusses strategies and tactics at the world cup level; why the Brazilian team and his mentors are able to send such huge flights with so much style; why he left the sport for seven years and how he rediscovered the passion; how to avoid the “superman” illusion; coming back from accidents and fear; the importance of team and gaggle flying; where he thinks 600 km is possible and a LOT more. This was one of the most fascinating and fun talks we’ve had on the Mayhem, you’re in for a treat!